Craft Caskets

We like to call them “Craft Caskets.”  The term “Craft” signifies “non-traditional traditional” caskets.  Our industry has talked for years about the importance of customization, meaning, a decal or head panel change with a specialized embroidery.  “Craft Caskets” take customization to a whole different level.  For instance, the Rustic Hickory has real hickory bark and pieces of hickory logs on the exterior.  The Patriot, honoring Veterans, displays waving maple inlay in a walnut casket shell with 50 carved wooden maple stars on the exterior.  Then there’s the weathered look of old barn wood or the classy styling of the Sanctuary, a casket made of Cherry and White paint a design inspired by some of today’s popular church furniture.  Most families want to purchase something meaningful that speaks personally to the life lived by their loved one, the Craft Casket Line by C.J. Boots Casket Company gives you that opportunity.

Stay in touch with us on our website or facebook page for new Craft Caskets as they are created.  If you have an idea for a new Craft Casket please feel free to email me, I’d love to hear your suggestions. 

Chris J. Boots