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Made in Indiana: Anderson company sells caskets around the world


ANDERSON, Ind. - On Halloween people love to surround themselves with ghosts and goblins and macabre decorations, like caskets. But for some in Anderson, they’re surrounded by caskets every day of the year. That’s because they build them. Workers at C.J. Boots Casket Company make custom caskets that are sold around the world. Owner and Founder Chris J. Boots worked as a cabinet maker before deciding he wanted to move on in life. He built his first casket and drove it around to area funeral homes, hoping to get some feedback on his newest creation. All five wanted to buy his casket and that’s when he started his new career. Since 1999, his company has turned out thousands of wooden caskets. Workers build them from scratch from nine different types of wood such as cherry, oak and walnut. Many of them are so-called Craft Caskets, that aren’t a traditional model. Read The Complete Article Here...