Today I went to the funeral of a man I'd never met.

Today I went to the funeral of a man I'd never met.

Today I went to the funeral of a man I'd never met. The fast pace of society (even in rural areas) sometimes make attending a funeral a bother for some. I think society has gotten it backwards. Society believes that the funeral is for the deceased. Honestly, that couldn't be farther from the truth. The funeral is for the living!! Because of my vocation, I have the opportunity of going to several funerals each year.

As I sat in the funeral service today seeing the family and friends of this man and listening to the preacher who led the service, I found myself reflecting on my life, my family, my friends, my job and who I am while hearing about the life of this man who has finished his journey. How many times do we get to just sit and reflect? I heard songs played that I may have never had the opportunity of hearing because these songs were special to this man and his family. The preacher that led the service was a man of wisdom and a man of God, his remarks further contributed to my time of self examination. I learned that this man enjoyed trips throughout his life and that he didn't measure a trip by miles or money. He measured a trip by the experiences.

I left the service feeling refreshed. I'd set goals to do better, I felt as though I'd contributed in supporting this family just by being there. Today this funeral was for me! It was time that I needed and I rarely take captive. This is my challenge to you. Next time the occasion rises and the funeral of a friend or acquaintance happens, attend the funeral. - Chris Boots