Musings from a Craftsman!

Since starting C.J. Boots Casket Company, we've manufactured caskets from 9 different species of lumber using well over 3 million board feet of hardwood lumber. I'm always amazed how hardwood responds to its environment. A 3 inch wide strip of lumber 8 feet long can be quite warped if the environment is not kept in check. However by controlling the temperature, moisture, airflow the lumber can be better managed. But the real benefit of keeping the lumber in check is when it's bonded with glue to other boards. Each board works to keep the adjoining board straight and therefore keeping each other in check. I can't help but think this is true of our friends, sometimes when we are left alone and the environment is not good things can go from bad to worse but it's when our friends come along side us and make a bond unbreakable, that's when our true strength shines and we stay on the straight and narrow!