It's that time of year. Here in the mid-west we are trying desperately to shed ourselves of the "W" word, winter. It's already May and we are barely seeing the tease of warm weather yet we have hopes that the change will happen and do so with finality. Farmers are chomping at the bit because time is long overdue for their Red, Green, Blue or Yellow tractors to be moving about their wet fields in hopes of a successful harvest come fall.  Lawns are as green as ever with the generous rains that have bathed the earth.  Because there are those of us who choose to use fertilizers to enhance the beauty of our lawns, our lawn mowers are getting used sometimes twice as often as normal for the mowing season. 

It's that time of year when we clean the flower beds, pull weeds, open the windows, listen to the birds, spread mulch, get out summer clothes, planning summer activities and sporting the flip flops (years ago we called them thongs, but time has a way of changing the meaning of things). Then there those things that are not so pleasant like pollen counts, watery eyes, sneezing fits and of course DANDELIONS.  What is about this this nuisance of nature that causes frustration to many a homeowner? We pay big money to landscapers and  nurseries for flowers to adorn our homes and bring beauty to the eye.  Yet nature provides this flower for us at no cost.  We don't have to plant, water, prune, weed or mulch, they are just there for our enjoyment.   Why is it that society has created this paradigm that the well manicured lawn, the one accepted as socially correct is the one free of the dandelion?  I'm sure there have been many occasions in neighborhoods around the country where the homeowner stands with pride observing the fruits of his labors, with his aching back and sweaty brow proudly judging his inferior neighbor as useless and a menace to society.  All the while in the back of his mind crafting a letter to the local home owners association president declaring his disgust at the very idea this second class citizen should be allowed to dwell in his  neighborhood.  This could only be the very beginning.  The Fosters down the street might stop mulching, the Downings have let their leaves go, there is a crack in the driveway at the first home on the left. Home values have plunged and all hell is breaking lose all because of the dandelion.